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    Ever wondered how fit you are (but didn't know who to ask)?

    This app can help you.

    All you need is
    - a pair of running shoes
    - a flat 20 meter running pitch
    - a modicum of enthusiasm
    - this app

    Note: Just in case you are wondering, this is NOT a GPS-enabled app; rather, it's a timer app that let's you easily conduct the beep test.

    The app is simple, non-intrusive and highly accurate. There are no ads, no tracking, no spl. permissions. It
    - prompts you with beeps (or ringtones that you select)
    - displays seconds to beep
    - displays seconds to next level
    - displays distance covered so far (incl. shuttles) and time elapsed
    - allows for a 15m or 20m lap
    - offers an autostop feature

    When you are done, the app will estimate
    - VO2_Max
    - calorie consumption

    ... that will
    - give you bragging rights (hopefully)
    - allow you to compare your fitness to that of the general population
    - allow you to chart your progress

    Caution : Some side effects have been noticed
    - Runner's high. You will find yourself smiling far too much
    - Fitter. Regularly done, you will be able to 'run up those stairs'
    - Leaner. Darn, gotta buy smaller jeans!

    Want more? Want to express appreciation? Get the pro version, which offers:
    - Level & Shuttle voice cues
    - Sophisticated group testing options
    - Save, graph, export results
    - And more

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