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    Black Tea is also a Health Drink

    Tea is a good health drink. While some prefer Green Tea, did you know that you can get the same benefits by drinking Black Tea? If you drink Black tea regularly, you will have healthy arteries and increase your blood flow because it has antioxidants known as falconoid that also give the tea this rich flavor. Your cholesterol levels will also drop, you can protect yourself from certain cancers, develop stronger bones, have fresher breath and fewer cavities.

    This app talks about the importance of black tea which can prove to be highly beneficial for our body.

    Contents of this App:

    ** Benefits of Black Tea.

    ** Different ways to serve Black Tea.

    Tea finds many admirers round the world. It is consumed and served in different manners. Tea makes a very good partnership along with toast. With many following the tradition of tea and party, tea has made itself a strong base worldwide.

    This app gives you the benefits of black tea which will definitely inspire you to have it regularly.

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