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Body Detox Herbs Manual

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    Body Detox Herbs Manual

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    “If it isn't good, let it die. If it doesn't die, make it good.”

    Detox is needed by the human body. As today's environment, as well as highly processed foods contain toxins that are destructive to the immune system. These toxins are any substances which creates harmful and irritating effects to the human body. It can undermine the health or stress organ or biochemical


    ** Herbs that detoxify

    ** What are healthy detoxes?

    ** Spring detox tips

    Spring is a rejuvenating period for the Earth, characterized by warmer weather, budding trees and growing plants. Animals shed their winter coats and change their diets instinctively. Human beings, however, sometimes need help when it comes to promoting cell turnover and rely on herbal detoxification to help drop excess weight and increase energy.

    “Spring detoxing is very traditional, because you certainly need more meat on your bones in the colder months,” says Rebecca Luna, owner of Rebecca’s Apothecary in Boulder.

    The most common spring tonics are those that cleanse the liver, kidneys and colon, and they can be eaten or consumed in various tea blends specific to certain needs.
    “There’s this old herbal saying: When in doubt, nettles,” affirms Luna, who is fond of drinking tea for detox support. “And that’s just because nettles are so full of nutrition.”

    Nettles are good for hair, skin and nails because of their protein content, but they’re also used as a liver cleanser, along with burdock root, red clover blossoms and dandelion roots and leaves. People who are more interested in colon cleanses can benefit from chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root not to be confused with “mellow” because of their soothing and cleansing properties to the digestive tract.

    **Tips For Detox Support

    • Rest

    • Eat more fruits and vegetables

    • Drink more water

    • Exercise/induce sweat

    **Importance of herbs in detoxification?

    ** Tips for liver detox

    Herbal bitters

    Bitter medicines are beloved by herbalists. The bitter taste stimulates digestive processes, including the liver's production of bile. Bile, part digestive juice, part waste product, is made by the liver and excreted via the bowel. Herbal bitters are also known as Swedish Bitters.
    St. Mary's Thistle
    St. Mary's Thistle and the Police share the same motto – "To protect and serve". It protects liver cells from damage from the likes of alcohol and carbon tetrachloride and serves to regenerate already damaged liver cells.

    **Lemon juice

    The juice of half a lemon in hot water first thing in the morning is a time-honoured way to start the day, and is an excellent wake up call for the liver. The sourness of lemons triggers nerve and hormone activation to the liver and digestive system. Very helpful for those who suffer from sluggish bowels.


    The spice that colours curries yellow, and was also used to dye the robes of Hindu priests. Turmeric has impressive anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body, including the liver. Excellent for a liver virus or infection.

    **Crab apple

    The Bach Flower, Crab Apple, is for people who feel ashamed of their physical appearance, and may themselves feel toxic. Although Bachs are mostly recommended for emotional purposes, Crab Apple, fits the bill nicely to be used for dexox purposes.


    Drinking sufficient fluids such as water, tea and herbal tea, improves the flow of nutrients to, and waste products from, the liver. Not drinking enough may increase the risk of gallstones, which is when bile becomes too concentrated in the gall bladder.

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