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    Languages: English (en), Deutsch -German (de)-, Português -Portuguese (pt)-, and русском -Russian (ru)-.

    This is an app I built for myself, then decided to share since I hadn't found any that really fit what this does. What this app does is give you a way to keep track of your weight, Body Fat %, water %, and Lean body mass. This is an app that shows you, graphically, your trends. You can choose to not keep track of water %, but will give you current, since last week, and total changes in your numbers. It also contains a simple bodyfat calculator.

    This is my first android app and had some issues, but got it lined out (my java learning). Pretty simple app. NOTE: I only have an EVO 4G. So, I don't have a good idea how it appears on other phones/devices. There's other features(listed below) I will add, but I want to optimize the code more and make it flow better. If something doesn't look right, or doesn't work right, let me know!

    There will be a free version with adds within a couple of days, so look for that if you want to try it.

    Features I will add:
    Goal setting (sometime this version)
    smoother flowing (done)
    Posting to Facebook and twitter (Facebook available)
    Tie into wireless and bluetooth scales that measure bodyfat (definately not next version)

    Thank in advance for your feedback. Contact me for feature requests and bug reports.

    --------------------- Features -------------------------
    * Keep track of your Bodyfat percentage, weight, Water percentage, and lean body mass
    * Graph showing you your trends (gains and losses)
    * Set reminders when to weigh-in.
    * Option to keep an icon in your status bar with your BodyFat %
    * Wipe all data
    * Remove individual weigh-ins **(Full version only)
    * Show stats since last week
    * Show your total gains/losses
    * Use metric or US measurements
    * Turn off keeping track of water %
    * Bodyfat Calculator (for those who don't have a bodyfat scale)
    * Post to facebook
    * Settings to change the message posted to facebook/twitter
    * Post to twitter
    * Export data to internal/sdcard as CSV file
    * Export and email CSV file **(Full version only)
    * Export and email DB file **(Full version only)

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