Brain Power Series

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    Brain Power Series

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    The Brain Power and Creativity Series is available to members of the Growth Zone, and contains the following brain-boosting downloads:

    Brain Building - build your confidence in your own brain's capacity and ability to perform incredible feats. Hypnotically direct your own brain's development.

    Develop Super Concentration - hone your focus to a laser-like intensity so you never get distracted from your goal

    Super Memory and Recall - enhance your brain's astounding ability to store information, faces and names and bring them to mind just when you need them

    Make Creative Leaps - be the one who sees the possibilities when others don't, who extracts the value from seemingly dead-end situations, and solves problems with a flash of inspiration

    Find Your Vision - identify where you really want to go, and get there as fast as possible. Without a clear goal, you can push the accelerator to the floor, but you'll just be spinning your wheels.