Breast Cancer Mini Report




    Within this app you will learn how to eliminate breast cancer or prevent it if you do not have it already.

    You will Learn.

    What is breast cancer?

    Learn what the different types of breast cancers there are.

    Discover the different stages of breast cancer.

    Find out what the symptoms of breast cancer may be.

    Find out what exams and tests are normally given to prove breast cancer exists.

    Learn various conventional as well as alternative treatment options.

    Learn the most powerful antioxidants that guarantee to destroy breast cancer.

    Learn how fiber helps to destroy or prevent breast cancer.

    Find out what steps you need to take to prevent breast cancer from developing.

    Learn how drinking alcohol can cause breast cancer and the amount you need to drink to eliminate or prevent it.

    Learn why smoking causes breast cancer.

    Find out why you get fatigued when getting breast cancer and how to handle or eliminate the fatigue.

    Learn how frequent you need to exercise and why.

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