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    Published: 2015-07-10, by .

    An interesting mash-up of otome and fitness.

    • A cool mash-up
    • Great graphics and animations
    • Clean user interface design
    • Questionable routines
    • It's a wee bit insulting
    • Needs more user freedom

    "Are You Ready To Break A Sweat?"


    Burn Your Fat With Me! FG is a clever mash-up of fitness game and anime story. Who doesn't love a little encouragement from a digital bishounen? You'll be sweating before you know it!


    It's certainly a unique concept. The animations and graphics are bright, sharp and colorful. The handy graphs make it easy to keep track of your progress. The user interface is designed well and is easily navigable.


    The game might overdo it a little bit on some of the exercise routines, leaving players quite exhausted. Some American sensibilities may not like being called a "fatty." You should be able to start the next episode at your leisure. Why does it have to be only for girls?

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    by William

    Jul 10, 2015


    The revolutionary fusion of otome game + fitness app that's hugely popular in Japan is finally making its English-language debut!

    Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls is the first ever romance adventure fitness app intended for girls.

    The app has a cast of popular Japanese voice actors, plus actors living in America, for a huge volume of vocal recordings with about 1,000 words!!

    Kei Katsuragi    CV: Daisuke Namikawa(Jp), Jon Bullock(En)
    Toma Maizono CV: Ryohei Kimura(Jp), Howard Wang(En)
    Ryuji Shiba   CV: Katsuyuki Konishi(Jp), Curtis Arnott(En)
    Shinobu Kujyou   CV: Yusuke Kobayashi(Jp), Michael Kovach(En)

    "Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls" is free to download!
    There is also some paid content available, but you can enjoy the game to the end for free.

    “Burn your fat with me!!” series is a fitness app/dating sim that provides players with the motivation to work out through moé, a Japanese term describing that heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female anime character.

    We call it moévation.


    BYFWM for Girls Version 4.0 Special Update!


    Back Extension Excercise Add
    Back Extension Apisodes Add
    New Character Shinobu Kujyou Add


    What is “Burn your fat with me!!”?


    “Burn your fat with me!!” is the first in a series moévation fitness apps from Japanese indie developer Creative Freaks. The Japanese version, “Nensho!”, has reached over 600,000 downloads and has gained recognition among the otaku community for being the first moé-themed app to break into the iTunes Top 10 ranking and have a fully localized release.


    How does it work?


    At its core, “Burn your fat with me!!” is a Japanese visual novel game akin to the “Phoenix Wright” or “Professor Layton” series. But instead of building a case or solving puzzles, the player advances the story by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.


    What else is in it?


    ・What is a 'voice pack'?

     A voice pack is an add-on allowing you to enjoy the episodes with characters voiced.
     The heroine remains unvoiced. The voice packs are not needed to hear the training voices.

    ・What is the 'voice collection' for?

     The voice collection is a gallery where you can replay the training voices you have collected.
     Voices will be unlocked as you progress through the episodes. Unlocked voices will be shown as '?????'.

    ・Ryuji and Toma's voice collections are marked as unpurchased. What do I need to purchase to unlock these voices?

     The voice collection will be available by purchasing 'Ryuji (Sit-ups) Add-on' and 'Toma (Sit-ups) Add-on'.
     In order to unlock all the voices in the collection the following add-ons are needed:
     Ryuji (Push-ups) Add-on
     Toma (Push-ups) Add-on
     Ruiji (Squats) Add-on
     Toma (Squats) Add-on

    ・The voices are sounding a little static.

     You may have a sound enhance running on your phone.
     Please turn off enhancers to enjoy the voices without any glitches.

    ・The training ads are a bother.

     Purchasing the Calendar/Timer Add-on will remove in training ads.

    ・I can't install the app!

     We are unfortunately unable to assist you with this problem. Please contact Google Play for assistance.
     Please also check your if this app is compatible with your device.




    Developed and produced by Creative Freaks

    For updates and more information:



    2015 CreativeFreaks

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