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    Calories Out is a health and fitness app that automatically calculates your daily physical activities. Based on the physical activity detected it calculates how many calories you’re burning from walking, hiking and jogging.

    Calories Out’s daily activity results provide the user with a baseline to build on their overall fitness and well-being program.

    Calories Out was designed with simplicity and the need for minimal user interaction in mind. After installing the app, just add some information about yourself. Then, Calories Out will begin self-tracking calories you’re burning, the duration of your activities, the distances you travel and the intensity level presented by your average speed.
    With Calories Out, there’s no need to tell the app to start and stop recording physical activity: Calories Out automatically and efficiently detects activities based on your movement whenever you’re carrying your phone. Calories Out automatically filters non applicable activities such as high speed movement when driving a car.

    Unlike other health and fitness apps, Calories Out is self contained and does not require any extra gadgets to carry/wear or an external computer to display the results. Data and statistical charts of all of your historical data are stored and displayed right on your phone using summary tables and graphical charts.

    + Automatic: detects walking and jogging activities
    + Localized: data on demand via local storage
    + Statistics: Complete history of your distance, speed and calories burned
    + Fitness Tracking: Track your daily fitness targets presented by the health progress bars
    + Fitness and Health Calculators: BMI, BMR, Calories and activity calculators are provided
    + Widget: for displaying your daily physical activity summary
    + Un-intrusive: you can interact with Calories Out as much or as little as you’d like
    + Charts: graphical charts created by hour, day and month
    + Results: data pooled by activity duration, number of calories burned, and total distance traveled
    + Reports: all results are accessible from the Activity Report
    + Battery Saving: application automatically shuts down when battery reaches critical level

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