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    The CardioPlanner provides the information of Route(Google Map), activity Calorie, intensity and speed during exercise by monitoring heart rate(Heart Rate transmitter required) and moving activity(via 3-axis acc chip) in real time. And users could make their own exercise plan according to weight loss(Diet) target and monitor progress of the achievement rate of target and the remained calories in the plan. Moreover stress test function is included,so provides automatic nerve balance and physical/mental stress level.

    Without Heart Rate transmitter, CardioPlanner will be used for Steps, Calories, Speed and Route. To get all function( heart rate and stress check),user need to purchase Heart Rate transmitter

    CardioPlanner can be applied to personalized exercise prescription through the heart rate, stress, distance, calories measurement for improving health in Personal health care/diet, sports centers and sports medicine centers such as professional sports organizations.
    It is a smart health care and mobile health care system, anywhere at any time you can check the your activity and stress level simply

    1. CardioPlanner

    1) Features real-time exercise
    (1) Display the several exercise informations in real-time
    Heart Rate, Step, Route(Google Map), Calorie, Exercise intensity, Speed

    (2) Display the exercise intensity by Heart Rate Zone
    - Rest Zone : 40 ~ 50% of HRmax
    - Warm up Zone : 50 ~ 60% of HRmax
    - Fat burn Zone : 60 ~ 70% of HRmax
    - Aerobic Zone : 70 ~ 80% of HRmax
    - Anaerobic Zone: 80 ~ 90% of HRmax
    - Redline Zone : 90 ~ 100% of HRmax

    (3) Exercise history management
    Past exercise history review
    Display the heart rate and exercise intensity graph
    Display the min/avg/max heart rate and total beats
    Display the low/moderate/high activity intensity

    (4) Personal physical information management

    (5) Exercise plan and set up
    Plan of weight loss and target
    Display the goal achievement rate
    Display the remained calories

    (6) Voice guidance function

    2) Stress measurement function
    (1) Stress measurements
    measurements in conjunction with chest belt type
    Display the min/avg/max heart rate

    (2) Stress results
    Display the HRV graph
    Automatic nerve balance (ANS)
    Physical/mental stress level
    Accumulated trend graph

    2. The key fuction of Heart Rate transmitter is as below.
    - Communication method : Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
    - Measurement range : 40BPM ~ 240BPM
    - Accuracy : < ±1bpm at 100bpm less, <1% at 100bpm over.
    - Communication method : Chest belt type ECG Transmitter
    - Power supply : Li-Polymer 3.7V(500mA), Rechargeable battery
    - Conitinuously operation time : average 20HRS

    3. How to buy Heart Rate transmitter
    The heart rate and stress can be measured when you wear Heart Rate transmitter which could be purchased as below.

    1) Purchasing through PC .
    (ⅰ) Du-sung mall :
    (ⅱ) Interpark :

    2) Purchasing through Mobile phone or computer.
    (ⅰ) lotte i mall :
    (ⅱ) 11st.:

    3)Off line(Direct) purchasing
    EMAIL :
    TEL : 82-42-936-8166

    4. Cautions
    - Before using the CardioPlanner, please carefully read initial screen of the CardioPlanner's 'precautions for use'.
    - This program does not express medical meaning and contents.

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    by Toms VEILANDS

    May 24, 2013  |  "Poor"

    No way to switch to metric measurement system. UI is very old school and outdated. No way to pause workout. No way to set laps. No way to summarise events. I'm sorry about all this bad rating, but it's better to tell than to wait and hope that things will get fixed by themselves.<br /> This application is total disappointment, it needs a lot of improvement. It is developed for a high quality sensor but