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    Carefy free app now available for Android™!

    Carefy is a web and mobile service that allows users to save, view and share activities of daily living and/or follow-up measures. Saved manually or automatically (if you have the compatible medical and mobile devices), you can track your progress based on self-defined programs through easy graphs.

    Our app includes key features:
    - Monitoring for a complete data tracker.
    - Monitoring Graphs to get a clearer picture of your data over time
    - Calendar and agenda to see day-to-day activities
    - Contacts
    - Messages
    - Synchr process of offline data.

    Personalized and customizable programs and templates will help you identify those goals and challenges that are the most important to you and the maintenance of your overall health. From wellness (for example, losing weight) to managing a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes, the Carefy system allows you to track your progress over time, set up reminders, and (future) meet with others in your community to meet or discuss areas of common interest.

    Carefy also allows the user to create a Personal Health Record (PHR). Your PHR can include most any data that you would want to include, from allergies to pharmacy records to biometric monitoring results. It is a vitally important tool to have in discussions with healthcare provider and allows you a greater level of control in your own healthcare decisions.

    With Carefy, you’re no longer tied to a computer – all of the information you’ll need can be accessed (and entered) through your mobile phone. The Carefy platform can integrate all of your important wellness and healthcare data into one secure location, including allergies, pharmacy information, history of chronic conditions, and whatever else you want to enter. Being away from your computer doesn’t mean that you can’t keep track of your health. Carefy Mobile has all of the information you’ll need, from follow up to calendars to your history. Information can be uploaded at any time and will be synchronized when you have access to the internet.
    Finally, the Carefy system lets you share information or provide access to your information to others to let them know how you’re progressing, when you’re having a little trouble, and most importantly, for those times when you’re not able to speak for yourself.

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