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    Chakra Test for Health

    The concept of Chakras has existed from ancient times. Chakras are believed to be the centers in human body from where one draws energy. They are connected to major organs and glands in our body that manage our health. The Chakra healing system takes a complete and natural approach towards ones health - it not only takes care of ones physical well being, but also heals the emotional aspects.
    The modern day stressful lifestyle, bad eating habits and negative thinking are some of the reasons that may cause Chakra imbalance in our body resulting in pain, illness and emotional problems.

    This app has been created to enable you to take control of the Chakra system in your body. To make it more user friendly, instead of using hard to remember Sanskrit names for each Chakra, in most places we have referred them as Chakra 1, Chakra 2 and so on.

    This app consists of 8 components:

    (1) What are Chakras:
    This area gives you a brief description of Chakra system and lists the seven major Chakras in our body giving their location and the gland/organ they control.

    (2) The Seven Chakras:
    A brief description of each Chakra along with the associated physical and emotional problem.

    (3) Chakras and Energy:
    How are the Chakras related to energy.

    (4) Chakras and Emotions:
    How are Chakra connected to our emotional health.

    (5) The Chakra Test:
    This Chakra test will enable you to know about your energy centers. It consist of 49 short questions that need you to provide Yes or No response. After you finish answering all the questions, you can see your Chakra result.
    Based upon your responses, the app will tell you which Chakras in your body are blocked.

    (6) Chakra Healing:
    This section deals with Chakra healing.
    For each Chakra - the app will tell you the chant, mudra (hand position), recommended activities, stimulating fragrances, gemstones and crystals to heal and open the blocked Chakra.
    You can even play the chant in the app or loop the audio for the purpose of meditation.

    (7) Chakra Mantras:
    These mantras include OM Mantra, Chakra Beej Mantra, Shiva's Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Vishnavi Deva Mantra and Ganesh Mantra - each of these mantras help in maintaining a Chakra balance in your body.

    (8) Extras:
    Chakra system strongly believes that inner peace and health are deeply connected to each other.
    Anger, stress and anxiety can cause chakra imbalance in your body and therefore affect your health.
    In this section we have provided a few mantras and audios that will give you mental peace.
    This section includes - Shanti (Peace) Mantra, Essence of Bhagwat Gita, Om Namah Shivaya Mantra and Hare Krishna Mantra.

    ** You must be able to read English in order to use this app **

    Navigation - The app uses an easy to use list type navigation in conjunction with the device back button.

    This is a stand-alone app, once installed - does not need internet connection to read the collection.

    Any discrepancy, error or concern can be notified via email to

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