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    * * * We're still building features into the app. You may find some bugs and things may not work as expected yet. If you do find a problem, please use our support system [] to report them so we can fix them. We'd appreciate that! * * *

    * * * What is CheckInOn.Me? * * *

    Check In On Me is a proactive automated personal safety system designed for mobile devices. We check on you as often as you want. If we don't get the right response in the right amount of time, we contact your selected and confirmed friends and family. We're your guardian angel, reaching out during an emergency when you can't. It's peace of mind for you AND peace of mind for the friends, family, and co-workers who care about you!

    Other safety apps assume that in an emergency, you're conscious, have your phone, and have the time to unlock your phone, find an app, launch it, and hit a panic button. During a health scare, crime, or other emergency, you rarely have the time or ability to do that. Proactive checking is the solution. Additionally, many of those apps are easy to cancel or shut off. CheckInOn.Me is unique in that our system is nearly impossible for someone else to disengage. This means you are way more likely to get the help you need, quickly.

    * * * How to use our app * * *

    Register, choose your "I'm OK" and "I'm Not OK" code words, and add friends.

    Customize profiles in the "settings " area of our app. Then start a checking "session" in the "Set Up Checking" area.

    When it's time to check on you, a notification will go off on your phone, and lead you back to our app. You can choose to "Check In Now." Enter your "I'm OK" code word to let us know you're OK. Enter your "I'm Not OK" code word to silently trigger our emergency process. If you don't answer at all after 3 minutes, the emergency process will be triggered.

    The emergency process will contact your selected and confirmed friends and family. In this version, friends and family will get a text and email that you might be in trouble. In later versions, our app will have a bunch of features friends and family can use during an emergency.

    * * * Why is Debbie Levitt listed as one of my confirmed friends? * * *

    As this is a test version, your friends automatically include our CEO, Debbie Levitt. Yes, it will really email and text her if you set off an emergency. If you are just looking to play with our app and don't want to alarm real friends and family, feel free to use Debbie or even add yourself as an emergency contact. You can also remove Debbie. :)

    Please note that as a real person, Debbie may or may not respond to your emergency, especially if she's sleeping. So please don't rely on her for a real emergency!

    * * * CheckInOnMe is great for... * * *
    * Online dating or any blind date with someone who is basically a stranger.
    * Completing Craigslist or eBay transactions in person.
    * Realtors and property managers showing houses, apartments, condos, and other properties.
    * Travellers... from couch surfers and AirBNB to vacations, conventions, and any time you're away from home.
    * Service providers and people who perform tasks and errands. Think TaskRabbit, pet sitters and dog walkers, massage therapists, and sole proprietors.
    * People who are home alone often such as seniors/elderly, children and teens coming home after school, or anyone sick or dealing with illness.
    * College students going to parties, walking across campus, or going to and from work.
    * Sports and adventures like hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

    * * * We also have an API. Want to build some or all of our technology into your website or mobile app? Visit our website [http://CheckInOn.Me] and get in touch! * * *

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