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    Moringa Oleifera is the most nutrient - rich plant every discovered. Give your body what it needs and the body self corrects.

    I am 43 years old and have been plagued by health problems since childhood. I have always had difficulty breathing due to Asthma and allergies and even took allergy shots as a child.
    I simply cannot and will not go anywhere outside my house without an MDI (metered dosed inhaler) in tow due to getting breathless, wheezy and constricted.

    I am also a Pediatric Respiratory Therapist so I know the medical circumstances as well as the physical feelings of "breathing through a straw" or feeling like "a fish out of water". I see it everyday in my patients as they struggle to bring in even one easy breath of air.

    I also have Scoliosis and had Harrington Rods inserted into my spine at age 11 to straighten out a very severe curvature. One that would have made me hunch back and ended my life by age 18.

    The past few years have been very difficult for me because as you know, with age comes new problems. My breathing problems had gotten so severe that I began having cardiac symptoms and I now take medication for that. I was on high doses of steroids that has now contributed to Osteopenia which is one small step above Osteoporosis.

    And I even broke my foot last October by simply stepping wrong in my kitchen. My foot twisted and I heard a snap. I wore a boot for over 10 weeks and had to miss work when I was unable to bear any weight on my foot due to slow healing of the bones.

    For the past year or so my hair has been falling out when I wash it (due to steroids?) and EVERYDAY something on my body hurts. I wake up stiff and sore feeling like an 80 year old "stove up old timer" , barely able to walk to the bathroom when I first awake.

    Then I found Zija. I had seen blurbs about it on facebook so I did some research and decided to try the Smart Mix powder. It seemed expensive but I was already spending about $200 a month on medication and still barely functioning. I figured why not, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and all.

    I received my package on April 30,2012. I had read a testimonial that said a man had felt relief from Arthritis pain after just 24 hours. Yea right!

    I didn't want to wait until the next morning so I drank a packet before I went to bed, not really thinking much about it. The next morning I woke up, got out of bed, went to the bathroom and then walked to the kitchen. After being out of bed for about 30 minutes, it hit me that I didn't feel any pain. I didn't feel stiff and it hadn't been a struggle to lift myself off the bed. Hmmm? No way, the Zija had worked already?!

    I continued taking the Smart Mix, one packet first thing in the morning and I noticed a decrease in my need for my inhaler and I began taking my other meds once a day instead of twice. I also noticed that I no longer needed a Goody Powder to get me through my 12 hour shifts at the Children's Hospital. Yes through all of my health issues I have managed to struggle with a full time job as a Respiratory Therapist and have done so for almost 13 years now.

    I am starting to feel better and better taking Zija and while I am by no means cured of all my health issues, I can say that I am indeed breathing easier. In fact, today I realized that since the pharmacy was out of one of my medications for Asthma and I have done without it for 4 days now!

    I can breathe just fine and have even been cleaning house, my storage building, tending my flower bed and washing clothes all without losing my breath or becoming winded.

    I have been so pleased and blessed by my results with Zija after just ONE MONTH of use, that I signed on to be a Distributor. I want to share Zija with the world, and I want to start with you!!!

    Drink up and Live well,

    Zija Independent Representative
    Cheri Dodson
    May 28, 2012

    Disclaimer - Zija does not claim to treat, cure, prescribe, or mitigate.

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