Clarify & Integrate Meditation

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    Perhaps the most soothing guided meditation in the series, Clarify and Integrate rejuvenates Spirit, mind and body. This illuminating guided visualization brings awareness to the choices that are intentional and the choices that are habitual. Use this uplifting meditation to awaken, heal, and integrate the aspects of personality sleeping in unconscious choices.

    In addition, the App has several advanced features:
    •Use this meditation as a wake-up alarm, to start the day aligned into the well-being of an open and relaxed state.
    •This guided meditation can also be used when falling asleep; it facilitates lucid dreaming and insights upon awakening.
    •The Clarify and Integrate guided meditation also includes a Notes Journal to write down immediate insights upon completion of the guided meditation or awakening.
    •You can put the meditation into repeat or loop mode, so you can listen to it over and over again. Simply tap the cyclic loop icon to turn looping on.
    •Works in portrait or landscape mode.
    •Will show up in your task bar so you can go and do other things while the meditation continues to play.
    •Loads onto your SD card to save space on your phone for important stuff.
    •Continues to play even if your screen turns off.

    Ahnalira’s training as a Meditation Teacher with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer ensures a high quality guided meditation; her instructions are easy to follow, and the quality of her voice enhances relaxation. Clarify and Integrate is the third guided meditation in the series of 4 meditations and builds upon the foundation of the first 2 in the series: "Relax and Open" and "Harmonize".

    Works best with devices that have 1GB or more of RAM

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