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    Cocaine Facts

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    Cocaine usually tops the list when it comes to common illicit drugs. It is a powerful stimulant that is frequently abused and is highly addictive. Users typically snort the drug in powder form, but it can also be turned into a liquid and injected or into a rock and smoked.

    Cocaine users typically experience a sense of euphoria immediately after taking the drug. This blissful feeling is what makes users want to take the drug again and again, which leads to abuse and addiction.

    Cocaine is not physically addictive, meaning there are no physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it, as is the case with many other illicit drugs. This is one of the most misleading cocaine abuse facts, because many people think this means they can’t become addicted to it. A study by the Substance Abuse and Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) reports that up to half of drug-related visits to emergency rooms in the United States are related to cocaine abuse.

    We expect this brief guide can help you better understand the facts about cocaine addiction.

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