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    Under ideal conditions it takes at least 6 minutes for the brain to become entrained to a particular frequency.The session begins right around where your brainwave frequency usually is after you settle down and begin to reelax. That is, it begins at 10 hz, and ramps down for 6 minutes until it reaches the theta level of 7 hz. It remains at 7 hz for 6 minutes, and then ramps down for 6 more minutes until it reaches 6 hz, and remains there for 6 minutes. And on it goes repeating the same pattern for 5 hz, and 4 hz, before starting to curve back up for the last 10 minutes of the session until reaching 10 hz again. The session uses isochronic tones embedded into the soothing sound of rain, and ambient music. The carrier frequencies used are 120 hz, 110, hz, 100 hz, 90 hz, and 80 hz.

    Scan Your Body For Tension
    You must relax your body completely so your mind is free to wander where it likes. To do this, turn your attention to different parts of your body in a "scanning" fashion, such as from your head to your toes. For instance you could start with the top of your head, then the forehead, then the eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, neck and so on.

    Eyes Closed
    For all but a few special sessions, your eyes should be closed during the entire session. Closing the eyes eliminates about 80% of the external input an average brain receives.

    Eye Position
    This is a great way to help bring your mind down to an open brainwave. When you look up, the visual part of your brain is stimulated.That is why many people look up when they are trying to solve a math problem, or trying to remember something visual. This is also the position of your eyes when you are in REM sleep. It may take a second to get used to, but if your eyes feel uncomfortable after a period of time, just let them rest at a level you are used to.

    Focus on the Beats
    All sessions produce "beats," or what sounds like short, rapid pulses. When listening to binaural beats if you listen through only one headphone, you will hear a constant tone, but listening through both you will hear the beat that your mind produces. Focusing on these beats is the best way to entrain your mind to them. Your mind responds to your attention and will entrain far better if you focus on the stimulus.

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