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    The process of ‘re-wiring’ your brain to become more positive, more thankful, or more content is nothing new. Researchers have been studying this concept since the early seventies and have found that for many people, cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite successful. You can learn more at or you can just take the plunge, download the App, and try it.

    This App reminds you daily, or on a schedule of your choosing, to do a simple exercise. It then summarizes your results by day and by week so you can review your progress and determine how the exercises are working for you.

    The exercise asks you to enter something you are grateful for and something kind, and then encourages you to meditate on these things for a short time. It also records your mood, and the regularity of your physical exercise.

    A weekly email update can also be configured, which lists your entries for the week as well as your average contentment over the period. You can send these updates to a friend who can keep you accountable, or just send them to yourself as a history of your progress.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may not work for everyone, but it has worked for many, and it is our hope that this App will be of value to you.

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