Cretan Recipes

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    This application contains 160 cretan recipes which you can download at youw mobile phone.
    Recipes are divided into 11 categories.

    "Κρητικές συνταγές" (=Kritikes syntages tha means Cretan recipes) is a new application that brings to your mobile many Cretan recipes without the need to be online. All recipes are being installed into your phone during the application's installation.
    Cretan recipes are the backbone of Mediteranean diet that we all now how good for our health is.

    This application includes 164 cretan recipes with many photos of some recipes too.

    Recipes are divided into eleven (11) categories:
    * Meat
    * Fish
    * Pulses
    * Snails
    * Vegetables
    * Salads
    * Soupes
    * Breads
    * Pasta
    * Sweets
    * Pies

    You can also add any recipe into "favorites" to find these easier at the future.
    At each recipe we show the ingredients and after that the process for doing that food.
    You can also be informed about the time you need to accomplish each recipe, the difficulty and the calories you get from each food...

    This application is being updated regulary with new recipes and new photos.

    You can also move this application at your external memory (sd card) to gain space at your internal memory.

    Thank you very much for reading.

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