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    Are you sick and tired of boring cardio workouts that fail to deliver results? Well Decked! Cardio Circuit is just what you’ve been searching for.


    ** Create time efficient, circuit based, cardiovascular workouts that always vary and deliver results!
    ** All exercises are bodyweight orientated – So absolutely NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED!
    ** Create 100s of unique cardio circuit workout combinations using the in-built exercise library (PRO VERSION ONLY).
    ** Adjustable exercise durations (from 10 to 100 seconds).
    ** Numerous exercises (with tutorials) focused on using only your body weight as resistance.
    ** Integrated voice output and music player compatible to keep you engaged in your exercise routine.
    ** Audio tone 3 second warning for changing to the next exercise.
    ** Results and progress tracking (see your performance improve as you get fitter).
    ** Share your achievements by posting your workout results to Facebook.
    ** Body statistics (BMI, BMR, Energy Requirements etc).
    ** Helpful exercise and well-being tips.
    ** App to SD.


    With Decked! Cardio Circuit no two circuit workouts are ever the same, ensuring your body/muscles are always guessing and you’re entertained. These continual variations in stimuli should also help PREVENT THOSE PLATEAUS IN RESULTS that can be so frustrating. In addition, each circuit workout is specifically structured to provide balanced results.

    And the great news... Absolutely NO EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED! All you need is a little bit of floor space and some enthusiasm.

    So, how does it work?
    Decked! Challenge (Bodyweight) is a workout based around a deck of cards, randomly drawn.

    Each suit of the deck represents a particular exercise (e.g. Spades may be Squats) and the value of the card determines the duration of that exercise (e.g. 4 of Spades would mean you perform 40 seconds of Squats).

    Decked! Cardio Circuit also allows for progressive development. You can increase/decrease the difficulty of the circuit workout by adjusting:
    - The Highest Card (i.e. the maximum duration for each exercise within the circuit).
    - The Rest Interval (i.e. the rest period when the Joker is drawn).
    - The Duration of the circuit workout.

    At the end of your workout why not challenge your friends to see who’s Decked!. Challenge friends by posting results to your Facebook page or the Decked! Challenge Facebook page and become a DECKED! CHALLENGE CHAMPION.

    But remember, maintaining good form and posture during exercise is vital to ensuring your body gets the most from your workouts (and to avoid injury). Be sure to read each exercise description before completing a workout. Maintaining good form and posture will create a fitter, faster and stronger you!

    So now the only question is... HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO GET DECKED!?

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