Depression & Anxiety Hypnosis

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    Depression & Anxiety Hypnosis

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    16 minute Depression & Anxiety Hypnosis Pack, Audio and eBooks included.

    eBook 1 : How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
    "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" brings you proven strategies and techniques that help you break the cycle of anxiety and depression to return to normal everyday living, quickly and easily, without harmful medications. You might be wondering to yourself how much a program like this is going to cost... after all, something that gives you back your peace of mind while freeing you of anxiety and panic attacks forever cannot be cheap... Right? Well, I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised in a moment, but first I do need to share something with you... The methods I am about to impart to you will give you back your life and eliminate your general anxiety, anxieties, and panic attacks forever. So in reality, the right question here is, "What will it cost me not to get this guide today?" Think about that for just a second... this was created for YOU.

    eBook 2 : Anxiety and Depression 101
    1) Anxiety - Everything You Need To Know!
    What is anxiety? What are the symptoms? How does it feel to live with anxiety and what can be done to alleviate the symptoms of this mental condition, including all types of therapy as well as medications.

    2) Depression - Everything You Need To Know!
    What is depression and the causes? What are some theories on the causes of depression today? How is depression clinically treated? What are some alternative treatments for depression? How serious is chronic, severe depression? What are the symptoms?

    Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

    1) Anxiety causes
    2) Depression causes
    3) Medical treatments for anxiety and depression
    4) Alternative therapies
    5) The future of treatments for these conditions
    And a lot more!