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    What is the Self-Skin analyzer of the DermaVision application?
    It is professional skin applications that use 256 color bar easily analyze distribution condition of skin Melanin and Erythema, based on SmartPhone.
    This product is a skin professional application developed jointly by OptoBioMed and Dermatologist.
    It’sanalyzer the condition of your skin and then you can get a consultation from a dermatologist.


    Usage / Camera / Skin Type / Skin Age / Information

    How to use DermaVision ?

    1. We analyze melanin, erythema of the skin through 256color bar.
    2. The nearer the blue, the better the skin conditions and the nearer the red, the worse the skin conditions.
    3. The analyzed skin condition is shown 5steps.
    1) Normal skin area : dark blue, blue are shown through percentage(%).
    2) Abnormal skinarea : yellow, red, dark red are shown through percentage(%).
    4. Melanin and Erythema analysis
    1)Melanin analysis : The analysis such as pigmentation, Freckle, and more phenomena related on dark brown color
    2)Erythema analysis : The analysis such as Ance, Flushing, PWS, and more skin phenomena related on red color.
    3)S-Gray appear coverall skin tone and results of pigmentation.

    ※ The nearer the blue color, the better the skin conditions.
    ※ The nearer the red color, the worse the skin conditions.