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    Working for long hours in front of a screen is a common situation for many occupations these days, but with it comes new problems that need to be managed such as eye strain and computer vision syndrome. Studies have shown that computer vision syndrome affects about 80% of people who work at a computer.

    Eye strain happens when the muscles in the eye become fatigued because exposure to bright light, straining in dim light, and the constant refocusing of the eye. Eye strain can be associated with symptoms such as:
    dry eyes,
    blurred vision,
    irritated eyes,
    difficulty focusing,
    and also pain around the neck, shoulders, or back.

    There are many ways to help with eye strain including environment or equipment alterations, but one of the primary solutions is to take a break. It isn't always easy to remind yourself to take a break when you are in the midst of important and flowing work so this is where the Eye strain timer app seeks to help.

    The 'Desk Health - Eye strain timer' app helps to remind you when to take a break and look away from your computer. A common rule is called the 20-20 rule in which every 20 minutes you look into the distance for 20 seconds. This is also a great time to think about how to adjust your work station if your eyes are feeling fatigued or work on posture. You can also try taking a 20 second rest with your eyes closed to help ease eye strain and fatigue.

    Desk Health - Eye strain timer features:
    - a visual timer shows how long till your next break
    - the timer can be set as a live wallpaper
    - up to 3 eye breaks can be schedules in an hour
    - hourly breaks can also be scheduled
    - the length of all breaks can be modified
    - enable/disable alarm sound (great for the office)
    - enable/disable alarm vibration

    Invest in the future of your eyes.

    How to set 'Desk Health - Eye strain timer' as your live wallpaper:

    Method one: Touch and hold the home screen background, select 'Live wallpapers', select Desk Health - timer, select 'Set wallpaper'.

    Method two: Go to system settings, select Display, select Wallpaper, select 'Live wallpapers', select Desk Health - timer, select 'Set wallpaper'.

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