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    Maintain healthy and balanced diet! Track calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fats and cholesterol from food you consume every day. Works completely offline, no need to register anywhere.

    Diet is often associated with restricting amount or totally excluding some food from the nutrition. However with less calories your body may not receive essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the correct functioning of all metabolic processes!

    My diet tracks nutrients, vitamins, minerals and show deficiency according to Recommended Daily Intakes* according to your age (infants, children, adults), gender (man, woman) and special nutrition requirements (pregnancy, lactation).

    Special attention is payed to pregnancy and lactation nutrition. These conditions requires increased consumption of calories, protein, calcium, folic acid, vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and correct development of the baby. This application will track nutrients required for correct child growth and development.

    My Diet will be helpful to everyone who maintain healthy lifestyle or follow restrictive diets like vegetarians, pescetarians etc.

    - Tracks over 20 essential nutrients for 8,000 predefined foods **
    - Mark frequently used foods in your favorite food list
    - Contains information about function and deficiency symptoms of 18 vitamins and minerals
    - Suggests foods with the highest content of a particular nutrient
    - For pregnant and lactating women, to keep track of increased requirements for protein, calories, vitamins and minerals
    - Suitable for people who maintain restrictive diet like vegetarians, pescetarians etc.
    - Provides powerful food searching capabilities
    - Add/Edit your own custom food records
    - Lookup custom products by barcode
    - Enter food quantities in three convenient units: gram, ounce, or serving size
    - No internet connection required
    - Excellent dieting tool on the go
    - Suitable for the whole family to maintain healthy diet

    Nutrients Tracked:
    - Energy
    - Carbohydrates (Fiber, Starch, Sugars)
    - Protein
    - Total Fat
    - Cholesterol

    Vitamins Tracked:
    - Vitamin A
    - Vitamin B6
    - Vitamin B12
    - Vitamin C
    - Vitamin D
    - Vitamin E
    - Panthothenic Acid
    - Folic Acid
    - Folate
    - Choline

    Minerals Tracked:
    - Calcium, Ca
    - Iron, Fe
    - Magnesium, Ma
    - Phosphorus, P
    - Potassium, K
    - Zinc, Zn
    - Selenium, Se

    *** Please write an email if you have a question or problem. There is no possibility to reply on comments and help you.***

    * Recommended Daily Intakes
    Developed by the Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board and include protein, fat, carbohydrates and more than 17 essential vitamins and minerals for infants, children, adults, pregnant and lactating women.

    ** Food Database Source
    U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, 2011, Release 24.

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