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    DjRun: Running with Music's review

    Published: 2014-03-06, by Manu Galvez.

    DjRun matches your running pace to the music rhythm

    • Powerful app concept
    • Ease of use
    • Accuracy
    • Sober design
    • Restrictive free version
    • Needs better integration with wearables

    "Run to the beat"

    When it came to running, mood is as important as feet. One of the best ways to get in the right running mood is listening to music. However, music can, unwittingly, affect your pace. DjRun's here to avoid those situations and motivate you to improve your workouts.

    DjRun uses the motion sensors built-in in your smartphone to detect your stride rate (steps/minute). Next, it tracks all the songs located in your SDcard and discover its beats per minute (BPM). With these two values, it suggests you songs that match your running pace. That's the booster you needed to complete your running plan.

    There's more. DjRun comes with preset trainings from Beginner to Expert level and some Sprint Intervals and Challenges. Only first two weeks plan for Beginner level is available in the free version. In addition, you can adjust at your whim lot of parameters: manually set target stride rate (pin mode), custom trainings and order song by title, artist, tempo. Most of these features are only available in the Pro version.

    DjRun's UX is simple yet neat and polished. A design revamping would enhance its attractive though. In addition, it's a pity that the free version is such restrictive. A limited time trial version would be preferable.

    Beyond these catches, the app concept is so powerful. Must-try.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 06, 2014


    DjRun plays your own music, picking songs that match your running or walking tempo. It's as simple as hitting play! DjRun Pro can even adapt the playback tempo like a real DJ, following your stride rate! While mainly targeted towards running, DjRun works with all sports that exhibit steady repetitive movement, like walking, hiking, cycling, rope-skipping, rollerskating, rowing, fitness ...

    DjRun supports 3 different modes of operation: Auto mode, Pin Mode and Training Mode.
    - Auto mode is free and picks song that match your current stride rate
    - Pin mode allows you to "pin" the stride rate to the number you want. (Pro only)
    - Training mode makes the stride rate follow a predefined profile. There are a lot of profiles built in, but users can easily draw their own with the built-in editor (Pro only)

    How does it work?
    DjRun uses the accelerometers in your phone to analyze your movement. From this it calculates your stride rate, expressed in steps/minute. It then plays the songs that match this tempo, magically providing the satisfying sensation of running to the beat!

    To do this, DjRun needs to know the tempo of your songs, expressed in Beats Per Minute (BPM). DjRun is capable to detect this by itself using various methods. Although it can take quite a while, the app is fully functional while analyzing your music, allowing you to run to the songs that are already tempo-detected. If all automated song tempo detection methods fail, it is still possible to manually tap the tempo on-screen from within the song browser.


    * Stride Rate Detection (pedometer)
    - Carry your phone the way you want, DjRun adapts
    - Small disturbances won't affect a stable detection
    - Runs smooth, even on older phones
    CAUTION: Due to an android firmware bug, a lot of android 2.2- but also other phones- require the screen to stay on for the sensors to function. This setting is available but turned off by default.

    * Music tempo detection:
    - Detecting tempo by online lookup (Pro only)
    - Detecting tempo by song metadata (e.g. ID3 tags)
    - Detecting the tempo by analyzing the audio
    - Manually tapping the tempo
    - Control the song tempo detection process by letting it run in the background or manually stop and restart it

    * Song playing strategy
    - The playback tempo can be auto adjusted, following your stride rate. Without pitch shift and with great quality! (Pro only)
    - Songs that are double or 4 times as fast and slow are also used
    - DjRun avoids repeating songs whenever possible
    - Optionally auto-change the song when it stops matching

    * Other options
    - Select your own playlist to run to (Pro only)
    - Select a folder to run to (Pro only)
    - Pin mode: Manually set target stride rate (Pro only)
    - Training Mode: Stride rate follows predefined profile plan
    - Draw your own Training profile (Pro only)
    - Skip to the next song with one click
    - Ad free (Pro only)

    The Pro version can be activated from within the app.

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