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    My following program is based on information from the Ministries of Health of the G7 & G20 countries. This free program can help you to know more about food additives. Which E number are dangerous and which one are safety. It has a very simple interface for use at the department store or home.
    Additives must be assessed for safety before they can be used in food. We also ensure that the science on additives is strictly reviewed, the law strictly enforced, and action is taken where problems are found. We investigate any information that casts reasonable doubt on the safety of an additive.
    It's absolutely wise to avoid eating meal with harmful additives - E Numbers in them. A lot of food additives are bad, but not all.
    E numbers were assigned for food additives, which have been tested for safety and approved for use throughout the European Union (EU). But eventually, using them in foods have achieved very sad statistic. It turned out that many nutritional supplements may cause very undesirable effects on the whole organism. Some of them are extremely dangerous, some can not be used often, and some can only be used in animal feed.
    For convenience, all supplements are classified by target groups:

    E 100 - E 182 - colorants;

    E-200 and more - preservatives;

    E-300 and more - antioxidants (antioxidants);

    E-400 and more - stabilizers consistency;

    E-450 and more - emulsifiers;

    E-500 and more - acidity regulators, baking powder;

    E-600 and more - flavor enhancers;

    E-700 - E-800 - Spare codes for other available information;

    E-900 and more - glazes agents, flour and bread improvers.

    How consumers have to behave in looking for health foods? Of course, the easiest way - is to buy the products without any food additives, but not all of it is well to your taste and wallet, in addition there are a number of people who cannot live completely without additives, such as diabetics. They either have to give up sweets at all, or use sugar substitutes.

    Most likely you may buy a product with banned additives on the wholesale markets, which often fall consignment without certificates of health services. While it is illegal additives may be contained in the products from the developed world - because there is a very big difference between food produced for domestic use and food for export. So if you prefer to eat not only tasty but also healthy, support local producers - the tradition of the domestic food industry still gravitate to the nature.

    So, buying food, soda, gum and candy, pay attention to the label. And if it not authorized, but not prohibited additive, for the most part it is relatively harmless. But the forbidden E can lead to death.

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