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    Still counting calories? Stop wasting your precious time by tedious searching, scanning and finding the right portions and nutrition values for your lunch.

    — Stop Counting Calories and Start Eating Smarter —

    Lose weight like a boss with the simplest and fastest app.

    ★ Snap a photo of your food with a camera
    ★ Receive feedback how healthy your food is
    ★ You can even play game and rate other users' meals

    Snap a photo of your meal and get feedback on how healthy your food actually is.

    It's that easy! With Eatly you'll begin losing all the extra pounds in no time.

    ▌ Play a game - become a nutrition expert

    Want to play a game? Your opinion is important! You will receive various photos of different food that other users eat. For every meal you can chose how healthy it is. Help others, and they'll help you.

    ▌ Weight loss in no time by eating the same food

    Once you will learn what bad food for you is, you could eat only appropriate food which will help you lose weight. Remove all the meals that are rated bad from your shopping list and enjoy only the one that got the good rating. Losing weight has never been easier with our simple app.


    ■ "No more counting calories, just snap a photo & eat."
    ■ "Simplest way to get flat belly"
    ■ “It's so easy to learn how healthy my lunch is!”
    ■ “I've lost more than 7 pounds in 3 days after I've started using this app”
    ■ “Honestly this is the best game on my phone!"
    ■ “Now I've learned that less food is healthy that I thought before"
    ■ "Once I've rated more than 50 meals in a row! This game is so addictive!”


    Q: Is it simple to use this app and will I really lose weight?
    A: Losing weight has never been simpler, you just snap a photo of your lunch/dinner and you'll get a rating in no time, whether this meal is good or bad for you.
    Q: How accurate is this app?
    A: The rating is spread over various users which tell you how healthy your meal is. More users will rate, more accurate results will be.
    Q: I'm losing my weight really fast with this app, is this good for my health.
    A: Don't eat only healthy food if the weight is dropping too fast.
    Q: Can I take a photo of every meal?
    A: You can upload unlimited number of photos.

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