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    “ECG Self-check” software is an application developed for ECG registration and automatic ECG interpretation from the convenience of your home. “ECG self-check” software bundled with ECG registering unit works as a smart computerized electrocardiography device.

    “ECG Self-check” for ECG registering device KFS-01.001 “Cardiometer-MT” from “MICARD-LANA”

    “ECG Self-check” application for Android registers ECGs and stores them in personal user archive on cloud server. It provides preliminary conclusions on heart rhythm and morphology in the form of automatic summary reports. The reports get instantly displayed on the screen of Android device as a green-yellow-red color-coded scheme corresponding to norm, deviation from norm and pathology with recommendations for the user. “ECG self-check” also provides a written syndromal summary report. Application has remote consultation capability and allows users to authorize access to their ECG archives for registered physicians.

    For more information about the device and available applications, visit “MICARD-LANA” website at

    Key characteristics:
    - 24-second ECG registration from 12 standard leads;
    - electrode contact check;
    - syndromal summary reports;
    - automatic summary displayed as norm, deviation from norm and pathology;
    - remote consultations capability and user-controlled access to ECG archives for authorized physicians and medical centers;
    - ability to store ECG data in the device memory when there is no connection to internet;
    - personal user archive cloud server for each registered user.

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