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    El Abuelo is an application whose purpose is to give elderly people an easy to use mobile telephone and, at the same time, three extremely useful tools to increase their safety:
    - A fall detector
    - A geographical tracking system
    - An alert system for relatives or carers, in case of a fall or at the user’s request.

    English, French, German, Spanish.

    Grandpa gives users two different ways of making telephone calls:
    1) Call mode via contacts list entry, in which the user can easily scroll through the contacts list, from entry to entry. In every entry the photograph (if one has been added from the telephone’s contacts list) and the name of the contact are shown in a large display, so that it is suitable for people who are visually impaired.
    2) Call mode via keypad, from which the telephone numbers can be dialled directly. The buttons are also large and comfortable to use.
    In both modes three buttons at the top of the telephone can be used: the one on the right is to make the call, the one in the middle to change the call mode and the one on the left to send an SOS to the selected contacts.

    An SOS can be sent out in two ways: by the user pressing the SOS button or automatically when a fall is detected.
    The SOS is made by a text message that includes a text saying whether it has been sent because a fall has been detected or by the user, the address from where the SOS has been sent (if it is in an urban area) and the user’s geographical location, via Google Maps.

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