If you ever have an emergency or an accident (hopefully it never gives the case), and you can not take care of yourself, how will someone know whom to call? How will someone know what medication can be used?

    With this application you can configure your personal and medical information necessary for someone to help you.

    You can configure the next data groups:
    · Name, blood type and RH.
    · Contacts that you want to be called to inform from the problem you have. It links directly with phone contacts, grouped by selected phone numbers, favorite contacts or all people in your phone list.
    · Save the diseases you have, and the people helping you will know what happened or discard some symptoms.
    · Set your allergies to keep everyone who can help you make the situation worse.
    · The medication currently takes.

    There is a plugin for Locale, Tasker and similar applications, that allow you to start the application automatically in the situations you consider. You can find it in this screen, in the "View more applications" menu.

    Automatic localization to Czech, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Vietnamese. Please, feel free to contact me for helping in wrong translations.

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