EPIC – Atlanta is proud to provide the EPIC MobileEZ app, your one stop shop for company communication and health management.

    We’ve provided you access to a multitude of powerful resources right at your fingertips.

    With the EPIC MobileEZ app, you can:
    • Quickly connect to benefits service representatives, claims advocates, wellness consultants, and other care coordinators to help you understand your company benefit plans.
    • Connect to other company resources, such as employee self-service portals and systems to submit expenses, all in one place.
    • Receive important company alerts and messages anywhere you are.
    • Create and follow a personalized wellness plan with reminders that are totally customizable for your lifestyle and busy schedule.
    • Access educational content targeted to your interests.
    • Easily access program design materials, such as ID cards and company benefit guides, so you’re never without your benefits information (network, provider, co-pays, etc.).
    • Find a provider in-network on-the-go to help keep your costs down.
    • And much more!

    The EPIC MobileEZ app will be your all-in-one portal, providing access to important company information and resources 24/7.