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    Eye Screen Lock is a phone lock which can protect your eyes when you lock the screen of your mobile phone.

    Perhaps you don’t know that when you lock the screen, if the screen is black in a very short time and you see it, your eyes are harmful.

    Eye Screen Lock can protect your eyes when the screen is locking.

    1. It is a free lock and it will be free forever so that you will save money.

    2. It is still easy and simple to use so that you will master it in a short time.

    3. It allows you to do some setting to make it suit you better.

    4. It only can be found in the Widgets on your mobile phone.

    The detailed information of this screen lock:

    1. You can set the time of your screen being black after you touch the icon of this lock. Then after you touch the lock icon on your screen, after several seconds, the screen is black. This is good to your eyes.

    2. You can choose one icon or one picture as the icon of this lock on the screen. This will give you a personalized screen lock.

    3. You can choose a tap to lock the screen or not. The label is shown or not. This will make this lock to be your own special lock.

    4. After you touch the icon on the screen, the screen will show you the time of locking. You can cancel this operation if you don’t want to lock the screen suddenly. This is another advantage of the delaying lock time.

    5. You can touch the setting on the screen to enter this lock to do some settings. It is convenient to use this app.

    Eye Screen Lock is a new screen lock which is used to lock the screen and protect your eyes. It will give you enough time to move your eyes before the screen is black. This is good to your eyes.

    Eye Screen Lock pays much attention to the personalization. You can do some settings to make this screen lock suits you better. If you activate this app in the SETTING on the left bottom, it can be cancelled in the device administrator of your mobile phone setting

    You may use the common screen lock which can lock the screen in a flash when you touch its icon on the screen. This is very convenient but this will harm your eyes if you see the flash. You had better change a phone lock. Eye Screen Lock is not only convenient but also a humanity app. It can delay the time of locking so that you will not see the flash. Your eyes will be not harmed.

    Eye Screen Lock is designed to be easy and simple to use. Therefore, you can master this lock in a short time. If you have any good advice, please send an e-mail to me. I will make this lock better and better according to your advice.

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