Fever Tracker




    A quick and simple way to track your temperature

    Track your temperature using this free app.
    Track over a day, week, month and more.
    Enter a short note to remind yourself how you felt or what pills you took at that time.
    Set reminders to remind you to check your temperature.
    Celsius and Fahrenheit scales supported. Easily switch between scales at any time

    Simply tap the 'Add' icon to add your temperature.
    Data will be saved and can be viewed on graphs. Swipe to reveal the graph
    Tap the arrows to navigate through the days and months.
    Graphs can be viewed over a day or a month.
    Track flu, colds and general well-being.
    This app can be used to track the temperature of any family member.
    Track temperature to show the doctor when ill or a fever and as a reference for a quick graphical means for a healthy lifestyle

    Switch on/off notifications
    Choose reminder times to suit you
    Toggle vibrations on reminders
    Dynamic graphs
    Share with friends
    Reveal more apps in the info panel. Slide out to reveal

    The Tech bit:
    New ActionBar menu support for 2.2+.
    Common look on all devices
    Works across all devices
    Landscape and portrait supported
    Slide drawer to reveal app info and more apps
    Change log in info pane


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