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    Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach's review

    Published: 2013-10-16, by Janel.

    Unlimited high intensity streaming radio designed to fuel your workout with beats

    • Endless, seamless, upbeat music
    • Mixed by real DJs
    • Huge variety of genres and tracks
    • No ads (except occasionally for the Premium version)
    • Drains battery life

    "Work up a sweat at 128 bpm"

    There might be no better way to completely burn out your beloved music collection than by subjecting it to play on repeat in the gym. Save that ABBA Gold album for when you're ready to party, and download Social Study Media LLC's free Fit Radio app instead.

    Select your workout music of choice by genre, like Top 40, Hip-Hop, and Electro House. Alternatively, browse by station according to planned activity, like Cardio Workout, 10k Run, Latin Zumba, and even Meat Head for heavy lifters. Actual DJs mix the playlists, meaning the blending is seamless and the beats steady enough to carry you through your reps.

    Save your favorite tracks, stations, and DJs to your Fit Radio account for easy access later; you can also share the hottest mixes on whatever social media you choose. Or, if you're like me, try out a new collection every time you hit the treadmill - the extensive index is nearly impossible to deplete, even for the most diehard gym rats.

    The only ads you'll hear on Fit Radio are for its Premium service, which allows access to even more music. These short interludes are fairly unobtrusive, though, since the driving beat continues in the background.

    The one negative you might encounter with the app is its ability to quickly drain your battery, especially if you're using it in tandem with another fitness app like Run Keeper. Make sure you charge up accordingly.

    Social Study Media LLC's Fit Radio app is a fantastic addition to anyone's workout paraphernalia.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 16, 2013


    Listening to the same playlists over and over again is boring. There's no better way to ruin a workout! You need new high-energy playlists every day - music that surprises you and keeps you moving. Maybe, you even wish you had a trainer to instruct and motivate you through your entire cardio session. Someone to be there with you to help you achieve your best results. At Fit Radio, our entire team is dedicated to giving you new music and new coach guided workouts every day. You'll have a coach in your ear pushing you through the toughest parts of your workout. You'll have the right song hitting you at the right moment - making your workouts fun again.

    Whether it’s incredible music to get your blood pumping, the beat syncing perfectly with your stride on a run, or a coach who will not let you quit, Fit Radio has everything you need to take your workout to next level.

    Fit Radio puts you in control with 3 options to choose from:

    Coaching Tab - Cardio coaching paired with the perfect playlist
    -Large variety of programs: Outdoor Run, Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, Walk/Jog, HIIT
    -24+ new coached workouts every week
    -Let the trainer suggest a playlist that fits the workout perfectly, or choose your own
    -Pair workouts with your favorite genres, mixes, or BPM
    -High Quality sound recording
    -The right amount of coaching
    -Motivation when you need it most
    -Share workouts with friends

    Music Tab - Gain access to thousands of DJ mixes specifically created for your workout
    -Sort music by genre, BPM, DJ, and activity
    -150+ new mixes every month
    -Set intervals with our Interval Timer
    -Skip a song, skip a mix, tweet the DJ, and more
    -Share mixes with friends

    Running Tab - Match the music to your pace, so your foot hits the pavement on the beat
    -Run faster by staying on pace throughout your entire run
    -Start running and let the app find your pace, or choose your desired pace manually
    -Distance Tracking
    -Playlists are curated to give you the right type of song exactly when you need it
    -Running songs have all been scanned for key, pace, beat to give you the best experience

    The Formula Behind Our Running Mixes.
    Not only do our Running mixes match your pace. Playlists are also curated to give you the right type of song exactly when you need it.
    -0 to 10 Minutes - Hear popular songs you know and love to help get you to your first
    mile effortlessly
    -10 to 20 Minutes - DJs drop in those hard hitting tracks that push you to your max and
    make you feel determined to reach a new goal
    -20 to 30 Minutes - Transition into more fun, upbeat music right when you're hitting your
    runner's high. Enjoy awesome throwbacks and awe-inspiring remixes of you favorite
    -30 to 40 Minutes - Feel a sense of euphoria over the fact that you've kept your pace for
    so long. Music transitions to a good flow with continuous beats to help you focus.

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