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    The right weight for any individual is the subject of much debate between the fashion industry, feminists and health care practitioners. Yet, the truth is far more complex. While the consequences of not having proper weight or excessive fat is well known. As one progresses towards to ideal body, one needs to measure the progress in order to do the course corrections. But it is bewildering to know the charts or use formulas and use it on a regular basis to know your health status. Fitga provides all the health parameters needed in your hands in your mobile with least effort.

    Fitga Full version have profile storing capability , in which you can add any number of profiles and store their parameters, so when you want calculate you can load the parameters from the profiles database and just add weight to determine your parameters. Fitga also has option to store weight according to date. You can add current weight to your database and view all the weights saved.

    The Fitga is a mobile application which gives all the parameters in hand, for people who want to fight obesity. The simple tools provide all the parameters like BMI, Ideal weight, Body Fat percentage, Daily Calorie needs and Total body water . Also included here is a an interesting application where you can know how much you weigh and what is your age on other planets, isn't that great!

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