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    The Fitness Calorie Tracker tracks total calorie consumption across a range of physical activities and can be used on any GPS-enabled Android phone. It uses GPS software to constantly monitor and update your location, speed, total distance traveled, and the net calories burned. This software can be applied to variety of situations, examples include a makeshift speedometer while driving - to track distance or speed and compare different routes for drivers to optimize their routes. The additional record storing capability captures this data and permanently retains it so results can be compared and progress checked over time.
    The Calorie Tracker does not require a network connection on your phone and therefore has no impact on your data plan usage.

    • Calorie counter for activity
    o Run
    o Walk
    o Bicycle
    o Hike
    • Speedometer for driving.

    Information displayed during activities:
    • Total Time elapsed;
    • Total Distance traveled;
    • Total Calories consumed;
    • Current speed;
    • Average speed;
    • Altitude of the location*;

    Additional information
    • Store activity history up to 1000 records;
    • Summary of historic calorie consumption (by activity type).

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