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    Do you want to harness the full power of personal analytics using your Fitbit, but don't have the time to log recurring activties, such as your morning jog, or drinking a bottle of water? Enter FitTap, a solution that lets you log activities, food & water intake, sleep, and weight changes simply by scanning custom NFC-tags with your NFC-enabled smartphone!

    This solution easily integrates with your life's flow: Rather than having to use a mobile app or website, you simply stick a tag onto your gym bag, reusable water bottle, or fridge to log recurring activities like your daily trip to the gym or water intake. The pro-version of the app lets you use your own (NDEF-compatible) NFC tags. You may also buy our beautiful, custom-made tags (sold as kits of 5, 10, or 15, including worldwide free shipping) from our website ( ), in which case you can use the free version of the app:

    Once you scan one of your own tags for the first time, the app will ask you to confirm overwriting the current contents, so make sure you only use empty tags, or back up their previous contents. You can then associate a certain activity with this tag, such as "Drank 1 bottle of water", or "Jogging, 30 minutes". The next time you tap this tag to your phone, it will automatically log the pre-set activity for you and synchronize with FitBit, you don't even have to launch the app! You can easily reassign the purpose of the individual tags at any time.

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