Forgiveness Meditation Guided

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    Forgiveness Meditation Guided

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    Your guide for this spoken word guided meditation is a female meditation teacher. Ramaji feels that she conveys the heart space in a very beautiful and effective way. Ramaji is delighted to share this meditation experience with you. This guided meditation is not delivered by Ramaji.

    This deep Forgiveness Meditation is 21:34 minutes long. It is a simple Basic Level meditation that powerfully incorporates Loving Kindness for emotional healing. It is fully compatible with 12 Step.

    This is a guided meditation from a live class. The guided meditation is in a kind and compassionate female voice. Although she says the focus is on depression, it is really to forgive self and heal negative emotions. It is just her voice. There is no music.

    This simple meditation is very real. It will take you very deep into your feelings, into your life and relationships, and into forgiveness. Please do not underestimate the healing power of this guided meditation.

    She is speaks directly to you as one human being to another. She is guiding you into your heart space. You will experience forgiveness and emotional healing by listening to this guided meditation.

    Ramaji is a spiritual teacher of non-duality in San Diego, California. He had a Kundalini awakening at 16 years old. He has been meditating since then. He studied Vipassana (Insight) Meditation with Venerable Shinzen Young in Los Angeles. Later on he received Grace from Ramesh Balsekar, the translator for Nisargadatta Maharaj. Ramaji is the author of numerous books on non-duality available on Amazon.

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