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    Geomeer Footprint
    -Safety is about taking care of each other!

    Geomeer Footprint lets you tell your friends when you are leaving, arriving or just where you are at the moment. It simply leaves footprints behind.

    How it works
    Geomeer Footprint
    Press "Leaving" too send all your chosen friends a message with the address you are leaving from.
    Press "Arrived" to let your chosen friends know that you have arrived safely and at which address.
    Press "Send footprint" to update your present position on the map in your Geomeer account.
    Press "Panic" to let your chosen friends know that you feel unsafe and want some help.
    Selects English or Swedish automatically from your language settings in your phone.

    You decide in advance which of your friends will receive messages. You can for example let your Facebook friends know when you are leaving and arriving but have the panic message sent too just your close friends or family.

    Geomeer uses SMS, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter as channels for position messages.
    All messages including the position, time and data are stored in your account until you decide to delete them. Everything is easy set up and administrated in your account at

    We strongly recommend that you also download our free alarm receiving mobile application "Geomeer Angel" to get a better overview of your Geomeer account and give you the ability to receive messages and updated your position directly from your mobile.

    Get your free Geomeer Account (no credit card needed)
    You can connect your Footprint to your present Geoomeer account or create an new account from your Android phone during installation.
    In your account you can:
    Administer your settings.
    Add friends and message receivers.
    Connect your account to Facebook and/or Twitter.
    View mobile apps and Trackers on your map.

    To be honest, safety is very much a question of telling people where you are, when you leave and that you have arrived. Many dangerous situations and lives can been saved if people just learn to tell their friends where they are. Tell your loved ones to leave footprints behind...

    Geomeer Footprint only sends your position when you want.
    Geomeer Footprint only sends your position and messages to those you trust.

    Please Note!
    To get even more simplicity, if you are working alone in risky environment or for people who for any reason can´t handle a smart phone, we also offer Geomeer Trackers as an easy to use portable GPS/GSM based alarm. Just press the button if you need help. You connect your Geomeer Tracker to your Geomeer account and administrate the settings in the same way as with Geomeer Footprint. More information can be found at

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