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    GlucoJournal is the fast, easy to use blood sugar level journaling app for diabetics or other people who need to monitor blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, you probably realize that many factors effect how your blood sugar levels react during the day. Food, medication, exercise all play a part in blood sugar. With GlucoJournal, you can help navigate the waters of blood sugar control.

    GlucoJournal tracks blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse, weight, carbohydrate intake, level of exercise, as well as any medications you are taking. You can also enter notes to log any other information you like, how you're feeling, stress, etc..

    Most diabetics know that there is more to medication tracking than just insulin. Some medications raise sugar levels, some lower them. To make matters more complicated, time of day, proximity to meals, and interaction with other medications all play a role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. With GlucoJournal, you can add all you medications and dosage amounts. By logging which medications you take, in what combination, and at what time of day, GlucoJournal allows you to pinpoint just how your body processes medications.

    GlucoJournal is fast and easy to use. Constantly pricking your finger and testing your blood sugar is chore enough. Why wast time and experience frustration with over complicated solutions? As if your sore fingertips needed more hassle. GlucoJournal is built from the ground up to be simple. Test, record, report, you're done.

    -Customizable entry screen
    -Easy to generate reports that can be emailed to your doctor
    -Ability to enter unlimited medications
    -Easily configurable
    -Fast and easy to use

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