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    Gluten Free Foods is a grocery shopping tool for those suffering from gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance or celiac disease. The app lists out foods that are considered "gluten free" by the manufacturer. And not only can the foods be browsed by category, but also searched for by name. You can even search for 'cookies' to see all gluten free cookie brands.

    Gluten Free Foods contains almost 5,000 different foods that have been named gluten free by the manufacturer. But even for those foods not listed, Gluten Free Foods can help you determine their gluten content by also including a listing of ingredients with a check mark for gluten free and a red 'X' for ingredients that do contain gluten.

    Gluten Free Foods does not need the internet to work, so you can use it while you shop regardless of how good your reception is in the store. Storing the database of foods and ingredients locally also makes the app faster.

    Note: This app is delivered 'as is', and while the manufacturer claims these food items are gluten free, people suffering from gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance or celiac disease should always double check labels.

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