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    "All of us love to have some Tastey ,yummy, crispy food items!!!If you enjoy tastey,healthy food items , food wallpaper HD is the best app you can get "!!..

    Food wallpaper HD gives you some exceptionally brilliant food wallpapers which you love to set as your mobile home screen.This is the place were you can find best curated images of Chinese,Italian,Spanish,Mexican,American,Indian ,Continental food across the world to set as background. People, are much fascinated about 3D and LIVE food wallpapers.Here we provide all wallpapers that are custom made based on users taste and designed to perfection for your phone to set as homescreen.Each food wallpaper are of high definition images with a glossy finish and smooth transition which make your android homescreen a beautiful rarepiece.

    It's a custom in many countries like India, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Arabian countries to surprise their family and guests with some delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch with rich protein, vitamins ,minerals and calories some comfort food for dinner.Some delicious,healthy preparations like salads, soups, snacks, grills etc are famous in almost all countries.People are also interested in Chinese items like noodles,chop suey, chow mein, fried rice and their junk food favourites like sanwichs,burgers, pizza, and tacos ever time favourite chicken food. Also they love to icereams,desserts,cakes and other sweet items.Setting these mouthwatering food items as your mobile homescreen background makes your device beautiful. Deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances in diet can produce negative impacts on health, which may lead to various health problems such as scurvy, obesity, or osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.So good food habits is necessary.And all these variety of food wallpapers familiarise you the best food items.
    We are here with most exciting food items across Arabian countries.In this food wallpaper app apart from Arabian dishes you can enjoy a lot more..If you love cooking ,you experiment in new recipies this app makes you happy..That's guaranteed!!This app creates a food network that connects different community of people with variety of food habits around the world..This will be the best free food wallpapers app for you.Using this app you can familiarize food items which is most popular across the world.Recipes like Indian food recipes to enjoy some tastey Indian food, Filipino food recipes to have some delicious Filipino food ,cocktails are few among them.So using these apps you can watch and enjoy beautiful images of a lot of new food that suits your taste.

    This app has been successfully tested on mobile phone devices like Samsung galaxy,Sony xperia , HTC series,and LG optimus.


    *Free application
    *Easy to install.
    *Great collection of wallpapers custom designed for different mobile screens.
    *High quality,rare images edited to perfect finish.
    *Small size.

    How to use???
    It,s very easy.
    *Install food wallpaper HD from google play store.
    *Open the application and slide through different images of food HD wallpapers.
    *Choose your favorite wallpaper and click it and select 'set as wallpaper' button..

    Now you have made your homescreen beautiful!!!
    Some selected beautiful, nice and cool food wallpapers are waiting for u..
    So this app is for all who loves food.!!Enjoy,,!!!

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