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    Simultaneously display multiple Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) belts values using the ANT+ protocol. Useful for Cardio-Fitness, Spinning class and Gym fitness workouts, to easily display and control the training activity of up to 8 persons. HR reading of each trainee is displayed as relative % and absolute value.

    If supported by your device, all readings can be output to TV via HDMI See my setup (8 devices) in the screenshot.

    The training instructor can at once see all the HR values, and suggest better and personalized training activities accordingly. Colour changes according to fitness zone (65%, 75%, 85% and 90%). Maximum HR can be set with equations based on age/gender, or to a fixed value if known (through Metabolic Assessment at a specialized centre). Stopwatch now available when starting recording the session.

    This is Full version, with up to 8 channels, settings storage (association of channel to a specific belt, user name and age/gender or Max HR) and possibility to record to file in CSV format, for email/sharing at the end of the session.

    More features are on the way, such as additional options for the selection of equation to obtain %HR (now set to the male-female equations as in ), introduction of calories counter and edit fitness zone thresholds, and internal plotting of training sessions. For plot now you should send to yourself the CSV file by email and plot it using MS Excel (Scatter plot XY).

    Hardware Requirements
    You MUST have an Android Device with ANT embedded chip and install the Dynastream ANT+ Service available at:

    See the link also for ANT+ native support devices!!

    As alternative, you should plug a ANT+ compatible USB key to your Android device (using an USB adapter if necessary), and in addition install also the USB Service from Dynastream available at:

    All HRM belts used MUST be compatible with ANT+ and endorse the ANT logo. More info at

    A demo version is available to test your Hardware before buying, please check the "More from Developer" link (ANT+ Fitness Demo).

    Setup in a large room
    An installation in a Gym room can be done using a MK808 Android TV pen, with an ANT+ USB pen supporting up to 8 HRM ANT+ belts. The MK808 has HDMI output to display data on a large LCD TV (via HDMI) to show HR values to both instructor and trainees. Coverage, according to ANT+ specifications, is in the range of 10 meters, so please check connectivity in the final premise with the Demo. For more information please contact me to adapt the software and select the Hardware for your needs!!!

    For problems installing the USB support service on Android devices see

    For any matter, please contact me by email!!

    Source code on has been used as baseline for this App.

    The author of this app is not related to Dynastream. He will have no responsibility for the use this App is made of.

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