It is a mobile App that serves group fitness timetables of a few leading Australian gym chains, including Fitness First and Fernwood Fitness, including The Zone - new Fitness First club in Sydney.

    GymClasses launched in 2010 for iOS platform, now making its way to Android, and currently serving over 4000 unique timetable requests per day to the mobile phones of gym members all around Australia.

    ★★ WHY USE IT? ★★

    Because it is still the quickest and most convenient way to check group fitness training session times at your favourite Australian gyms while on the go.

    Find your local club in the list, save it in Your Clubs once, and then check what classes you can attend any day of the week with a single tap of a button.

    Much easier than navigating your gym's website, even the mobile versions...


    - You NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION to use this App. Android version does not have an offline mode (yet) that the original iPhone version has.

    - The App contains ONLY AUSTRALIAN gyms. It is listed in some other Google Play Stores only to allow Australian users with international phones to get it.

    ★★★ GymClasses checks for Google Play license ★★★, i.e. it ensures you bought the App here. I won't take any responsibility for temporary service disruptions caused by Google Licensing Service being down and unable to verify if you are the legitimate user of the App. This downtime is unlikely, but I thought I'll set your expectations straight. :)

    - GymClasses is NOT owned, sponsored or endorsed by any of the gym chains. It is a 100% independent development.

    - All timetable data is property of its respective gym. GymClasses network and this App only sell an alternative (and arguably better) method of delivering this data to your mobile phone.

    - GymClasses relies on availability of the web timetables published by the gyms. If gym website is down, or their timetable format suddenly changed, there WILL BE disruptions in GymClasses network service.

    - We make every effort to keep the timetable data up to date and it is being updated daily, but no guarantees can be made, and by buying this App you acknowledge that you understand these unpredictable limitations.


    ★★ AUTHOR ★★

    Dmitri Iarandine (c) 2010 - 2013

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