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    Hair loss is usually a traumatic experience for someone who values a full head of hair. A number of different psychology elements are at play here. These range from coping with a noticeable change in appearance, dealing with the aging process, and handling self image issues due to the loss of hair.

    Loss of hair can be caused by many different factors. Even though it is a studied field of human biology, scientists still do not have all the answers for hair loss.

    Every person loses hair every single day of their lives.

    This is not a big deal for most people because the hairs that fall out are replaced by new hair growth.

    People who do not experience this new hair growth need help with hair loss prevention.

    The first bit of good news is that sometimes hairs do grow back. This is true for people who experience a medical or a chemical suppressant of hair growth. People who have certain illnesses and people who undergo chemotherapy often grow their hair back when these conditions or treatments are terminated.

    The next bit of good news is that there are remedies available for people who do not experience natural hair regrowth.

    Falling under the cosmetic category, one finds many hair loss drugs on the chemical side of the treatment spectrum, as well as herbs for hair loss on the natural or organic side of the hair loss treatment spectrum.

    On the very serious side one can find complete hair transplants. With this type of treatment hair is implanted into the skin on the skull to cover up the bald spots.

    People who have, without success, tried drugs or herbs for hair loss and do not want the hair transplant option often resort to two different solutions to cover their baldness.

    The first method many people use is called the "comb over". This is a remedy where the remaining hair is left to grow long enough so that it can be combed over the bald area to cover it.

    The second method is wearing a wig or a toupee. A wig with naturally looking hair can be a very expensive item with prices into the thousands of dollars.

    To some people, hair and hairstyle form an essential element of what they define as their beauty or their attractiveness. Hair loss changes their appearance and most people hate that. When hair loss visits you, you either have to consider one or more of the hair loss help items mentioned above, or you have to learn to love the new you.

    Here is what you will learn in the "Hair Loss Prevention Guide" E-Book:

    * Learn the three stages of hair growth...

    * Discover the reasons for hair loss...

    * Learn about Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) syndrome and what it has to do with the prostate gland...

    * Distinguish myths from reality about hair loss...

    * Learn healthy dietary solutions with regards to preventing hair loss...

    * Discover nutritional remedies for hair loss prevention...

    * Learn about which foods to avoid and limit the intake of for better hair management...

    * Learn which herbs are helpful with hair loss prevention...

    * Discover the best methods for cleaning your hair and scalp and if conditioners really should be used with shampoos...

    * Learn good grooming and hair care habits...

    * Learn about Black Hair Basics...

    * Learn more about hair and scalp diseases...

    * Learn about specific women’s hair loss issues...

    * Review the latest hair replacement and restoration techniques...

    * Find out about over the counter treatments for hair loss prevention...

    * Use our handy resources for hair care and hair loss prevention...

    * And much, much more…

    So, go ahead and grab your free app on hair loss now!

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