Healthy Pantry Allergies

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    Get the facts on your food with the NxtNutrio Healthy Pantry, which helps you spot common allergens, artificial ingredients and other chemicals hidden in many brand-name foods. Simply scan a food item’s barcode to see specific information about its ingredients. Based on your profile settings, you’ll see how each ingredient could possibly affect your health. The easy-to-understand green, yellow and red symbols suggest when it’s okay to eat an item, when to eat with caution or when to completely avoid an item. You’ll also receive a list of healthier alternatives to the item you scanned.

    The NxtNutrio Healthy Pantry makes it easy to find hidden ingredients, like:

    • Artificial Preservatives
    • Artificial Sweeteners
    • Flavor Enhancers (e.g., MSG, autolyzed yeast extract)
    • Food Additives
    • Chemicals
    • Genetically Modified Foods

    If you’re trying to make smarter decisions about the food you eat, the NxtNutrio Healthy Pantry app can help you quickly and confidently make informed choices. It’s label reading simplified to suit your busy lifestyle.

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