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    The Heart Love Android application requires the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart monitoring device. You can purchase the HxM harness at the Zephyr store:

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    Use Heart Love during meditation, prayer, yoga, sports and other activities. Increase your coherence and increase your performance in all areas of your life. The key is learning to center your heart in the feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation. This will increase your coherence which basically means the rhrthyms of your heart, brain and breathing are more synchronized. As coherence increases, mental and physical performance also increases.

    Heart Love is also a great anger management and stress reduction tool. Being wireless, Heart Love can be used while driving to combat road rage. It's perfect for increasing business performance especially in stressful situations requiring calm decision making skills. Worn under clothes, the Zephyr HxM is invisible to other people.

    Heart Love is more than just a relaxation tool. It's a coherence trainer that helps you enter a state of active relaxation. It's relaxation at a higher vibration.

    Scientific research has shown that the heart produces it's own electrical field. This field changes depending on ones mood and can affect other people. Experiments have shown that the heart, when beating in certain measurable rhythm patterns, can bring the rest of the body's rhythms into synchronicity. The heart, breathing, and brain wave patters become coherent. This state of being is best achieved by sustaining a feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Heart Love brings science and spirituality together as a training aid helping people enter a positive emotional state believed to help with manifestation and general well being.

    Heart Love Monitors
    Cardiac Coherence
    Heart Rate Charts
    Heart Rate Variation (HRV) Charts
    Heart Zone Monitoring

    Heart Love saves heart coherence scores at allowing users the ability to track past sessions.

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