How To Lose Weight Fast

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    How To Lose Weight Fast

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    I tried to lose weight for many years unsuccessfully. I can’t even count how many diets I tried, and all of them failed for one reason or another.

    Sometimes I would lose a few pounds. Once I lost 40 pounds, but I gained it all back within two months of going off the diet. That was a real let-down.

    Some of the major diets I tried included:

    The Atkins Diet – I got tired of meat very quickly.
    The low fat diet – I gained weight!
    The low calorie diet – I was always hungry.
    The cabbage soup diet – I got bored quickly.
    The negative calorie diet – I got bored quickly.
    The ice cream diet – Didn’t work.
    The grapefruit diet – I don’t like grapefruit.
    Weight Watchers – Got tired of counting points.
    Jenny Craig – Didn’t work.
    Slim Fast – I was always hungry.
    NutriSystem – I hated their food.
    There were so many others I tried but it seemed like nothing worked. It seemed like I was always hungry, or the food wasn’t to my liking, or they just didn’t work for me.

    But I stumbled upon the secret to losing weight quite by accident. My body started having weird cravings one day, and I satisfied them. That was all. I just satisfied my cravings.

    Soon I was losing weight. I lost a couple of pounds the first few days, but I don’t know exactly how much it was because I wasn’t really weighing regularly. I wasn’t on any special diet, so the weight loss was unexpected.

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