How To Teach Martial Arts

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    No matter what style of martial arts you teach, when you’re a martial arts instructor, we all know that there’s a lot more to it than just being a black belt! Of course, you do need outstanding skills and must have paid your dues, but you also have to know how to teach what you know. And that can be daunting.

    Get it right and your school is bursting at the seems with eager students. Get it wrong and your students will quickly find something else to do, leaving you struggling to make a living.

    To help you avoid this, we’ve created How to Teach Martial Arts to give you some simple, but tried and tested, methods for bringing your classes to life which will keep your students coming back for more week in, week out. What this means is that your classes will never be boring or predicable and you’ll develop a reputation for being a “go to” martial arts instructor in your part of the world.

    How to Teach Martial Arts will show you how to;
    • Apply simple formulae to planning each class,
    • Use 4 fundamental teaching principles, and
    • Create an endless variety of drills to put your students through their paces.

    We’ll also take you through some ideas for what it takes to be a great instructor, how to structure lessons and teach mixed abilities. We’ve included advice about developing your syllabus, effective floor management and putting your students needs at the heart of what you do. We’ve even squeezed in some bonus features like a tip of the day, a glossary and a quiz.

    If you’re keen to build a martial arts school that always delivers high quality instruction then this is a must have app for you.