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    What if you have an accident? Who knows who is to be informed of your friends or relatives and who knows about your general health in such a case modest?

    ICE (In Case of Emergency In an emergency, =) these three letters are the rescue workers a term. If you carry a cell phone with you, then look in most cases, the emergency services staff in your phone. If there is an entry called ICE, these people know directly that this is your emergency data.

    This app gives you the possibility your data and all relevant health data as well as current medications recorded. They also capture a person to be informed in an emergency with this app.

    The practical widget, it only needs a single finger pressure to get to your relevant emergency data. Even if you do not know where you are, you can determine your exact location via GPS with this app and this may inform the emergency services. If you are no longer able to use your smartphone, then this can be a helper do it for you.

    If your stored for emergencies person's phone can not be reached, then the manager or assistant / rescue personnel have the opportunity to submit directly from your emergency data out a text message with a single touch of your stored for emergencies person including GPS data (optional ).

    The app is free and no ads!

    Do you want to be a *beta tester* and already pre-test the latest versions of the app?

    To the necessary permissions:
    This app needs some permissions to the ordinary function. These permissions include those discussed below.

    - Memory (needed for creating a backup (internal or external) and of course the read permission to restore)
    - Your location (in the event that you want a GPS determination)
    - SMS Paid services and phone (for emergency notification to the stored contact you)
    - Internet (used to display the location (as a map) within the app required)
    - Hardware control (vibration) (because of tactile control)
    - WIFI in order to enable a tracking via WIFI

    This app does not transmit health data to us! They only have the ability to transmit data to your contact person.

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