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    IpSmartHr is SmartWatch extension to display heart rate data from an ANT+™ heart rate sensor on your SmartWatch. To be able to use IpSmartHr you need to have an ANT capable phone or a USB host mode capable phone and a USB ANT stick. You also clearly need a SmartWatch and an ANT+ compatible heart rate sensor.

    IpSmartHr integrates with IpSensorMan so the heart rate information can be displayed at the same time as another application like IpBike or IpPeloton is also accessing the heart rate data.

    There are options to lock the display bright or dim or leave it in automatic mode. If you lock it your battery will drain fairly quickly. Just touch the icons.

    Swipe up or down from the main heart rate screen to get the time screen. Swipe left or right from the main heart rate screen for the settings screen or the max heart rate setting screen.

    You can choose in the settings screen to have the HR displayed as a Percentage of your set max heart rate or as beats per minute. There is also an option to have the color of the heart rate text based off your max heart rate, from green at half max or below to red at max.

    I request the Internet permission for the crash reporting system I use and the analytics system. The analytics uses Flury and is anonymous, I am just interested in how the app is being used in order to make improvements. There are options in the settings screen to switch off the crash reporting and the analytics if you want to.

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